Jim Carrey On Vaccine Law: Not Just Another Disgruntled Father Denouncing Mandatory Vaccinations

Jim Carrey let the world know exactly what he thinks about U.S. Government’s mandatory vaccination laws newly enacted in California. However, the funny man’s rant on Twitter should not be construed as his complete dissent about vaccinations.

Carrey blasted California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) on Twitter for Brown’s decision to sign Senate Bill 277. The bill effectively forces schoolchildren, or more specifically their parents, to get their wards vaccinated.

Essentially, the choice to deny vaccination based on the families’ religious or personal beliefs, is being methodically snatched away, claim the opponents of the bill.

Incidentally, this was just the beginning of his rant on Twitter. He accused the Government of buying into artificially and carefully constructed propaganda by the multi-billion dollar vaccine industry:

Jim Carrey even blamed the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for kick-starting the “problem” and then trying to cover it up:

The versatile comedian’s anger stems from the conclusions drawn by Andrew Wakefield. The doctor created the myth that vaccines cause autism. However, his research and his theories have been discredited.

But, is Jim Carrey basing his allegations on the theories of Dr. Wakefield? Though his Twitter rant may appear so, Carrey stressed that he is not against vaccines, but more specifically, he wants heavy metals or carcinogens, which in medical jargon are also known as neurotoxins, thoroughly removed from the vaccines, before they are administered to the kids.

The comedian isn’t basing his allegations on emotions stemming from caring for an autistic child. He ended his rant by urging followers to visit TraceAmounts.com to watch a documentary and decide for themselves. He assured his fans that the documentary that purports to show the “hidden truth” about vaccinations, mercury, and their links to autism will surely alter their views.

Interestingly, while Jim Carrey is quite specific about his expectations, there is a worldwide discontent about vaccinations. While organizations threaten parents away from vaccinating their kids, people in general have been known to be very wary about simple vaccines that can prevent life-crippling diseases like polio. While the California governor may have signed to introduce mandatory vaccinations, the Pakistani government had begun arresting parents who refused vaccinations for their children and the Australian Government too enacted similar laws.

Are vaccines truly so bad that the children need to kept away from them? Is Jim Carrey right in defending the rights of parents who refuse vaccinations to their kids? Should vaccinating your kid remain a voluntary option?

[Image Credit | Mario Tama / Getty Images]