Chris Brown Fights $15,000 Per Month Demand For Child Support By Baby Mama

R&B singer Chris Brown has apparently had enough of Nia Guzman's child support and custody demands, so he submitted legal papers to settle the dispute permanently.

Baby mama Nia Guzman has reportedly been asking for a large sum of financial assistance, amounting to $15,000 per month for their 1-year-old daughter named Royalty. In Brown's opinion, this was too much money to ask for.

The singer-songwriter has now filed official papers in Houston to establish his paternity in order to have the right to contest the mother of his child over support and custody.

TMZ reported that Guzman has been receiving $2,500 every month from Brown, which the singer-songwriter thought was a sufficient amount to raise Royalty.

In the paternity suit, Brown wants the judge to set a fixed amount for him to pay to support his daughter Royalty. He is banking that the judge will set an amount closer to $2,500 rather than the $15,000 being demanded by Nia Guzman.

The recording artist has also requested transparent custody guidelines to be established as he claims that Guzman has denied him the chance to see his daughter on several occasions.

Aside from settling the child support issue with his daughter's mother, Brown has also exerted much effort to present Royalty with a secured and cozy life.

Brown reportedly has a separate bedroom prepared for Royalty in his Los Angeles home and he has also provided his daughter with her own space in his tour bus.

The proud father even gave Royalty an extravagant birthday celebration at Disneyland.

In a statement he gave last Sunday during the 2015 BET Awards, Brown shared a few revalations he'd had since having a daughter.

The R&B artist said that over the course of his life, he had a lot of faults and committed several blunders. But he further added that he was grateful for those mistakes as he has learned several things that changed his life a lot.

But for the singer-songwriter, he is most grateful for having his daughter Royalty.

"At the end of the day, love is love," Brown concluded.

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