Evangeline Lilly Pregnant With Second Child

Evangeline Lilly revealed at the Ant-Man worldwide premiere on Monday that she is seven months pregnant with her second child.

The news came as a complete shock to everyone, as the first indication that Evangeline was pregnant was when the actress showed up at the premiere with a clear baby bump. Even Lilly was surprised that she had managed to keep it a secret for this long.

“I have managed to do two full days of press on this film [Ant-Man], and it still managed not to leak out on Twitter. I couldn’t believe it.” Evangeline Lilly told the Daily Mail’s Extra.

Lilly and partner Norman Kali already have one child, a son named Kahekili. Kahekili was born in 2011, but Lilly observed that this pregnancy is a completely new experience. She observed that just having a child to take care of in addition to worrying about the pregnancy made things more difficult, in addition to her work on Ant Man.

Despite those difficulties, Evangeline made it very clear that she is enjoying pregnancy. She told E! that she doesn’t experience any cravings, and said that she feels good and blissful and has quit smoking and taken up e-cigarettes. The entire process of having a family helps keep her in perspective.

“Becoming a mother has really helped me put my feet on the ground and given me a very powerful sense of self and a powerful sense of priority in life,” Lilly said. “It helps put everything in perspective when things get stressful or when there’s a demand or pressure on me. At the end of the day, it’s our family, it’s being a mother and a partner and seeing love all around.”

In fact, she may not stop at just two children. In an interview back in December, Lilly said that she wanted six kids, with four of them being adopted. Lilly and Kali have worked to go through the adoption process, but she observed that is very tiring and tough to do and there are currently no immediate plans to adopt another child.

Lilly has no upcoming film projects after Ant-Man. She does plan to continue writing her children’s book series The Squickerwonkers, in addition to a planned graphic novel and regular novel. So she will have time to work together with Kali to raise the two children and maybe get a few more.

Ant-Man will be released to theaters on July 17.

[Photo By: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment]