‘The Bachelorette’ 2015 Season Teasers: Week 8 Brings Heated Confrontations, Difficult Confessions [Spoilers]

The 2015 season of ABC’s The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe is getting closer and closer to that final rose ceremony. Does Kaitlyn find love? Will any of the guys leave as a result of her rendezvous with one of the bachelors ahead of the fantasy suites? The network is sharing some new Bachelorette spoilers related to the Episode 9, Week 8 show airing on Monday, July 6 and fans will certainly want to brace themselves for some drama and chaos.

ABC teases that Monday’s episode starts with a one-on-one date for Kaitlyn Bristowe and Ben Higgins. The two will head to Innisfallen Island, where he tries to cheer her up after a tough goodbye to Chris Strandburg. Kaitlyn and Ben will play some hide-and-seek, and he’ll promise to stick by her.

Bachelorette spoilers indicate that later in the date, Ben will open up about a big fear of his, and apparently, Kaitlyn will ask him a question that is both quite personal and very embarrassing. While there is no rose to give out on this date, it seems that things go well.

Monday’s episode will also feature a group date for Kaitlyn and the remaining three guys. The quartet heads to Killarney National Park, and there is supposedly a rose available to give out on this one, though some suspect it may go unused. Viewers can probably guess that there will be tension on this date, and ABC’s Bachelorette spoilers tease that this is definitely the case.

It would seem that some of the scenes from various previews showing drama in Ireland come from this date, and the network teases that a crucial situation leads to devastating results. Does the truth about Kaitlyn’s private time with another guy become known to the other bachelors? Fans have been waiting to see this blow up, and it seems that it’s about to happen.

Viewers saw in the last episode that, as Reality Steve’s spoilers had already teased, Kaitlyn will pare down the guys to her final three in Killarney. Chris is already gone, and Steve’s spoilers have teased that Jared and Joe will depart soon as well. One guy will ask to talk to Kaitlyn after he is offered a rose at the rose ceremony.

Based on new Bachelorette spoiler teases from E! Online, that bachelor seemingly will be Shawn Booth. At some point prior to this rose ceremony, it seems that Kaitlyn will finally tell him just what happened with his big rival, and the news doesn’t go over well.

As many can probably anticipate, it seems that Shawn becomes essentially obsessed over this news, more because of the other bachelor involved than over what the two did together. Could Shawn end up leaving over this? According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Kaitlyn manages to smooth things over somehow, because Shawn remains integral in how this season wraps up.

Bachelorette spoilers tease that this episode also includes the first of Kaitlyn’s three fantasy overnight dates, believed to be with Nick. Kaitlyn and the chosen guy will head to Cork, Ireland, where they talk about trust with the locals. However, the bachelor on the date reveals something about one of the other guys, and this may throw things off for Kaitlyn.

ABC’s Week 8 spoilers tease that two of the guys have an explosive confrontation at this point of the show, which surely refers to Nick and Shawn. In addition, Bachelorette spoilers tease that one bachelor is said to reach his breaking point. From the sounds of things, that’s where the Week 8 episode will end.

Can Kaitlyn Bristowe calm the guys down enough to make it through these final dates and find lasting love? Reality Steve’s spoilers regarding the final rose ceremony would indicate that there are calmer and happier moments ahead, but it’ll clearly be a rough ride to get to that point. Tune in to ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season continuing on Monday, July 6, to see how this next round of drama plays out.

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