Kristen Taekman Slams Ramona Singer: ‘RHONY’ Co-Star Is Two-Faced And Biggest Pot-Stirrer Of Them All

Although Kristen Taekman stayed out of the fray in Sonja Morgan’s “intervention,” the RHONY star has an opinion about Ramona Singer’s part in the Turks and Caicos disaster. Taekman says her co-star is two-faced and the biggest pot-stirrer in the group.

On Wednesday, Kristen Taekman explains to fans in her Bravo blog that she just was not interested in taking part in her cast mates’ attempts at getting Sonja Morgan to admit she has a drinking problem. According to Taekman, she and Lady Morgan are getting along just fine and she plans to keep it that way; however, the Pop of Color creator does think co-star Ramona Singer caused most of the drama during Tuesday night’s Real Housewives of New York and is actually the biggest pot-stirrer on the show.

“Side note–did anyone else hear Ramona admit that she does think Sonja is drinking too much? Ramona knows Sonja better than any of us. Ramona is so back and forth with this. Dorinda says that Sonja will ask for help if she needs it? Do we really think that will happen?”

According to Kristen, it is just like Ramona to intentionally throw gasoline on the fire and then walks away as if she is just an innocent bystander because she is two-faced, and Kristen, for one, is sick of it.

“Ramona is officially the root of most of the problems! She stirs and stirs that d*** pot and walks away while the rest of us have to deal with the aftermath! WTF! I am so over it! Why does she always get away with this? ALWAYS, just like with the room situation. Why do we let her get away with this s***?! NO more…done. WOW! Sonja is p***ed! Really mad this time…I am just happy that this is not my doing. I really feel like I am good with Sonja at this point. Meanwhile, Ramona continues to be two-faced.”

This is not the first time this season that Kristen Taekman has called Ramona Singer out for her bad behavior. As the Inquisitr previously reported, earlier this month Kristen used her Bravo blog to take Ramona Singer to task for her pot-stirring ways after viewers saw Ramona attack Kristen at Luann de Lesseps’ clothing line launch.

“She needs to back the F up. I am so over Ramona and her opinions. She walks right into Lu’s event and immediately criticizes and attacks me about NOTHING. She just rambles and rambles and rambles and stirs the s*** pot.”

Catch more of Kristen Taekman and Ramona Singer on the Real Housewives of New York, which airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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