Howard Stern Flips Out On Filmmaker Judd Apatow

When he isn’t busy fighting his battles in court, Howard Stern is airing them out on his Sirius XM radio show. Stern laid into producer/director Judd Apatow, the man behind Freaks & Geeks, Funny People, and Knocked Up, after Apatow tweeted at Howard Stern over his dissatisfaction with the content in Stern’s talk show.

In the tweet Judd said, “I hate to say it but I don’t have much interest in discussions about america’s got talent. I tried. It is just too much synergy. @sternshow”

Instead of firing back on twitter, Howard Stern laid into Judd Apatow on the same radio show that the filmmaker complained about, saying, “I don’t call him out on every artistic decision he makes.. If you’re not down with it, get the fuck off my channel. No need to whack me from the side of the head.”

Of course, that wasn’t enough for the radio shock jock and Stern continued on making his own criticisms of Apatow’s work, taking the discussion to the next level to criticize his films, specifically on the 2009 comedy Funny People “The worst film ever. The worst movie ever made. Talk about going on and on. I’ll take advice from someone who didn’t go on and on in their movie.”

Howard Stern then drove it home and got personal with Judd Apatow during this segment on his talk show by bringing up his wife, actress Leslie Mann, and her involvement in all of her husband’s productions, “I don’t put my wife in every project I do either. “

If it wasn’t obvious how upset Stern was by Judd’s comments Howard let his listeners know by going on saying, “What kind of bro are you d—-wad? F–k off and you’re not my friend—scumbag,” said Stern. “That kind of ticked me off. I talk about what’s going on in my life.”

If you think the pair are going to have a celebrity death match on twitter, think again. Howard Stern’s official twitter page has cited that the feud is over after Apatow tweeted, responding to Howard Stern’s lament, “I will love the show always. It was a pretty mild tweet.”

Do you think Howard Stern was too rough on Judd Apatow? Was Apatow too critical of Stern’s talk show? Sound off here!