Next ‘Friday’? Double Take’s ‘Hot Problems’ Might Be Worst Song Ever (VIDEO)

You might remember making fun of Rebecca Black‘s viral single “Friday” around the water cooler with your co-workers, a song that has earned its fame for being awful. Maybe you remember teasing Courtney Stodden’s “Don’t Put it on Me”, another viral single worth its weight in terrible. Well prepare to scratch your burning ears off yet again, reader. A challenger approaches to claim the title “worst song ever”, and the performers come mint-in-package without Black’s naive sincerity or Stodden’s interesting personal life. Allow me to introduce you to Double Take’s “Hot Problems”.

YouTube channel OldBaileyProductions posted a video by the “artist” Double Take titled “Hot Problems (official single)”. Published on April 15, 2012, the single has already gotten over 10,000 views, which might just keep climbing with HuffPo and Gawker already reporting on it. Interestingly, the video has also gotten 3500 “dislikes” against a paltry 200 “likes”, and comments have been mysteriously disabled.

The song is sung flatly and bereft of any emotion or enthusiasm on the part of the “hot-girls”, but at least they’re humble. In the lyrics they admit that they know that they’re hot, but they have problems just like we do. That’s comforting. Even though they don’t say what those problems entail, I have a few guesses, and the most obvious one involves therapy or at the very least some vocal coaching. Breathy crooning does not a good musician make.

But who knows if this is meant to be ironic or not? The description by OldBaileyProductions only says coldly, “Old Bailey Productions did not create any of the audio or lyrics for this video. We produced the video as a favor for a younger sibling of one of our friends,” suggesting that even the producers of the video know it’s bad. Social media has picked it up too, with one Facebook poster calling the video “the death of music”.

So, in summation, hot girls have problems too, but Double Take makes it your problem with its video single.

Decide for yourself. Here’s Double Take’s “Hot Problems”:

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