Kate Gosselin: Divorce Ushered In ‘Kate Plus 8’ Kids’ Happiest Years As She Turns 40 & DJ Jon Gosselin Spins [Video]

Kate Gosselin’s life since her divorce from Jon Gosselin has been great. Deciding that she wanted to honor turning 40 with a trip to Mexico that included her eight children and favorite friend, Kate emphasized that the years since the split from Gosselin have been the best, reported People.

The divorce, however, opened the door for questions about Kate’s dating life. And that’s the part that makes the mom of eight wince.

“I want people to stop asking me if I’m dating,” said the reality TV star. “I would like that to end.”

Why are questions about dating so difficult?

“[It’s] a reminder that here I am, it’s just me,” explained Kate.

However, Gosselin is willing to consider dating now that the divorce has long been finalized. But she feels that constant queries don’t help.

In addition to putting questions about dating off-limits, Kate hates being asked about Jon.

“Don’t talk to me about ex situations,” declared the famous mom. “I don’t define myself with that.”

However, with the milestone birthday here, Gosselin does feel it’s a good time to look back on her life. And she describes the years following the divorce as generally the best.

“The greatest five years of my life,” summed up Kate.

Her parenting style and views on life are the same since the divorce, she added.

“My ideas haven’t changed, my parenting hasn’t changed. I’m just doing it alone now. I want my kids to grow up and be each other’s best friends.”

Meanwhile, Jon Gosselin has been trying his skills as a DJ. However, he recently fizzled out spinning records in an almost empty pub, reported the Huffington Post.

The Laurel Lanes & Brewsters Pub in Maple Shade, New Jersey, gave Jon the chance to shine, but only one dancer was on the floor.

Gosselin previously said he has 12 to 15 monthly gigs in Pennsylvania.

“I love it. The hours are great. I get to go out, have a good time with all my friends, play the music I like to hear and have the day to myself,” said Jon. “I have to be more patient and let my dreams turn into ideas. I’m tired of job hopping.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Jon recently earned $20,000 for only one hour of spinning at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City. In addition to doing his DJ gig at Harrah’s Pool After Dark club, Gosselin appeared for an hour of meeting and greeting customers.

Meanwhile, Kate has been denying reports that she’s secretly dating a millionaire.

As for that giant diamond ring she’s been sporting? It was a birthday present from herself.

“Fyi: I’m not engaged-not even dating any1.Loved the ring so I put it on myself 4 my bday-Had 2have something abt that # to make me smile #40,” shared Kate on social media.

[Photo by Angela Weiss / Getty Images]