Caitlyn Jenner: On Woman’s Hour Power List, Kris Jenner, And Her Fierce Fashion

Caitlyn Jenner has been commended for her bravery and influence in a most wonderful way by making this year’s Woman’s Hour Power List of top 10 influencers. She joins notable women such as Angelina Jolie, Sia, and Anna Wintour on the list that gave the No. 1 spot to Nicola Sturgeon.

Woman’s Hour Power, as BBC News notes, “identifies women who have had an ‘exceptionally larger impact.’ ” It’s fair to conclude that Caitlyn is deserving of her spot on the ranking after bravely and boldly making the steps, while in the public eye, to become a woman. The BBC outlines additional reasoning for Caitlyn being selected.

“The former Olympian, whose famous children include step-daughter Kim Kardashian and daughter Kendall Jenner, is honoured for bringing the experience of being a trans woman to a global audience.”

It was undoubtedly a tough road for Caitlyn Jenner to undergo a full transformation from Bruce, her former name and identity. There have been reports about family being mostly supportive of her transition. However, Kris Jenner has garnered a negative reputation recently, after sources indicated that she has demonstrated jealousy and frustration over Caitlyn’s journey. Interestingly enough, Caitlyn wants only happiness for Kris, and has even made mention of the fact that she wants an invite to the wedding if Kris marries her fitness instructor boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

A source spoke exclusively with Hollywood Life to indicate that Caitlyn and Kris are beginning to see eye to eye on everything, which has allowed both parties to come to terms with the new circumstances.

“Cait really wants Kris to find herself and to be happy. And if that young man makes her happy, so be it. Caitlyn’s all about love, especially now that marriage equality has been recognized by the Supreme Court. She’s got nothing but love in her heart for Kris and truly wants her to be happy. If she does get married, Cait wants an invitation. Cait promises that she won’t outshine or look better than Kris at her own wedding. Then again, she just might!”

Although there has been a bit of a rough and rocky patch between Kris and Caitlyn since Cailtyn revealed her new look on the cover of Vanity Fair, Caitlyn Jenner has been continuing to step up her fashion and to step out in some fierce looks that may have Kris a bit on edge. From the fitted Herve Leger dress she strutted out of Tutto II Giorno restaurant in while in NYC recently, to the gorgeous blue lace quarter-length she donned while at a Broadway show, Caitlyn Jenner is certainly proving to be comfortable and finding her stride.

Caitlyn Jenner wearing Herve Leger; image via Yahoo News

[Feature image via Mirror UK]