Kim Kardashian Causes Controversy, Joining The Ranks Of Franklin D. Roosevelt And Martin Luther King Jr.

Kim Kardashian recently opened up to a packed house of a mostly young and female audience at the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco.

She was invited to a public affairs program by the nation’s 112-year-old Commonwealth Club to talk about her family, fashion business and also about some serious topics, including racism and the objectification of women as mere sex objects.

ABC News reported that the invitation of Kim Kardashian, the ever flaunting fashion mogul and reality TV star became a minor controversy and raised some serious eyebrows. Apparently, the club’s previous invitees included some notable personalities like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Jr., and members of the club’s radio broadcast and others were upset as they felt that Kim Kardashian wasn’t worthy enough to share the same spotlight. The members filled the program’s Facebook page with comments supporting and opposing the invite.

Kim Kardashian faced questions first asked by San Francisco Judge LaDoris Cordell and later by the audience members via Twitter, in an interview which lasted for over an hour.

Kim Kardashian, who is followed by over 94 million people online, said that she “really loved social media” and that her career was based on “openness and honesty”, when she was asked by Judge Cordell about her popularity.

The Independent reported that Kim Kardashian said the she “doesn’t want to be labeled as a feminist,” and even felt that the “media objectified women as a mere sexual objects” and she supported the claim that her “large number of selfie posts” did objectify her and that she “felt good about it.”

Kim Kardashian later justified her statement when asked her about her stand on the issue.

“[There is] power in that [taking selfies] and I think I have the control to put out what I want.”

Kim Kardashian, 34, who is married to Kayne West and is four months pregnant with their second child, also opened up on the issue of racism, saying that she would talk to her kids “the way my dad spoke to us about racial differences” and said that she thought “communication will be really helpful to the kids.” She added that Kayne West was “very vocal about the racial issues,” after she was asked about protecting her children from racial discrimination.

Hollywood Life reported that Kim Kardashian earlier recalled an awful incident on a flight where she and her baby daughter North West were verbally attacked with racial slurs by another passenger.

Kim Kardashian, who is known to take and post numerous selfies, signed her book on selfies named “Selfish” for fans. She was quick to assign responsibility for the title of her new book to her husband.

“Kayne came up with the idea for the book name.”

[Photo: Jason Merritt / Getty Images]