WWE News: Paul Heyman Reportedly Very Respected Backstage By WWE Officials

There aren’t many people that are more respected in the WWE than Jim Ross, Vince McMahon, the late-Dusty Rhodes, Triple H, and most of the WWE Hall of Fame wrestlers that are working for the business. Many are respected, but the aforementioned names are atop the WWE landscape. Not on the list above is one man that is thought of as the best manager in WWE history.

Paul Heyman, who manages Brock Lesnar, is considered a legend in the wrestling industry. While managing CM Punk, Curtis Axel, Cesaro and Brock Lesnar in the past several years, he’s stepped up his game on the microphone. Most WWE fans didn’t think Heyman could improve, but he accomplished that goal.

Heyman on-screen is impressive, but when he was on the Stone Cold Podcast, the WWE Network viewers were in for a real treat. The two legends talked about Dusty Rhodes, what makes a good promo, and Brock Lesnar. There’s a reason why Heyman proclaims to the WWE Universe who he is, what he’s there to talk about, and his purpose. It’s the key to his promos.

Twitter always awake when Paul Heyman comes on camera. There’s also a reason why Heyman is given nearly an open microphone. According to WrestleChat.Net, WWE fans and superstars aren’t the only ones who respect Paul Heyman in the locker room.

Paul Heyman is considered to be one of the most respected names in the WWE locker room right now. Not only are there wrestlers glued to Heyman’s promos backstage but producers and top WWE officials can also be seen in front of monitors when Heyman is in the ring.

Aside from CM Punk, Mick Foley, or Stone Cold Steve Austin, it takes a lot for everyone backstage to watch a WWE personality on the TV’s during a promo. It’s normal for a match to take the backstage area by storm, but for a promo, that’s a rare feat. Paul Heyman is that dominant on the microphone. As far as non-wrestlers are concerned, he’s the best in WWE history.

Heyman understands the business more than most and knows exactly what to say in order to sell a match. During Brock Lesnar’s feud with Roman Reigns, it was Heyman who sold the pay-per-view.

WWE fans weren’t happy with Roman Reigns winning at the Royal Rumble. Heyman put him over. Heyman almost got WWE officials to have CM Punk beat the Undertaker. Eventually, Brock Lesnar was the one to conquer the streak, but Heyman nearly convinced Vince McMahon, Triple H, and others to have Punk do it. If that would’ve happened, WWE would be very different. Paul Heyman is that good.

[Image via rollingstone.com]