14-Year-Old Boy Asks Guy To Buy Him Cigarettes, Gets Taught Epic Lesson [Photo]

One guy recently felt some kind of way when he was approached by an arrogant teen outside of a grocery store. Apparently, the underage boy thought the guy would be the perfect candidate to purchase something he knew he shouldn’t have. Unfortunately for the teen, the guy ultimately refused, but not before teaching him a lesson for his actions. Now, the epic lesson has gone viral.

On Thursday, June 25, a guy named Stanley Kaye shared details about his encounter with the 14-year-old boy. According to Mirror Online, the unnamed boy was standing outside of a Tesco grocery store when he asked Kaye to purchase him a 10-pack of Richmond cigarettes. Convinced Kaye wouldn’t have a problem with the request, the boy also gave him a stack of coins to make the purchase. Needless to say, Kaye wasn’t very pleased about the request or the coins.

“Never thought this would happen but it did! Little 14-year-old nugget outside Tesco asked me to get him 10 Richmond, handed me a load of 20 (pences) and 10 (pences),” Kaye wrote on Facebook. “You should have seen his face when I handed him these (Richmond sausages) and said, ‘they only do packs of eight, mate.'”

Kaye’s post also included a photo of the “gift” he’d purchased to teach the young boy a lesson. He’d purchased the boy a pack of Richmond’s, but it’s definitely safe to say it wasn’t the Richmond’s the boy was hoping for. Instead of buying cigarettes, Kaye purchased him a pack of Richmond’s sausage.

An overwhelming number of Facebook users have applauded Kaye for flipping the script on the teen. Most agree that he definitely deserved the gift he received. The Richmond’s sausage photo has been shared more than 7,000. It’s probably safe to say the kid will definitely think twice before asking anyone for an unconventional favor.

Do you think the boy got what he deserved for asking the guy to buy him cigarettes? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Facebook]