Carrie Underwood Is 'Someone Famous' According To News Station

Mandy Crum

Carrie Underwood has worked hard to build a name for herself over the years following her stint on American Idol; not only has she become a huge star in the country music world, she's also the voice of Sunday Night Football and even tried out her acting skills for a live televised version of The Sound Of Music last year. But according to one Nashville news station, her name isn't as important as her husband's.

NHL star Mike Fisher recently posted a picture on Instagram of his image on television during an interview, which appeared above the caption "Is married to someone famous".

"Had a good laugh at this!" Fisher wrote.

Underwood didn't take offense, sharing the photo with the caption, "First name: Someone. Last name: Famous."


Carrie has no reason to sweat the small stuff; she recently found out she's the top CMT Awards winner of all time, which is no small feat.

Fans are anxiously awaiting Underwood's next album, and while she says it's "the most amazingest album ever," she's also hesitant to give out too many details just yet.

"We are definitely getting close," she told WMZQ. "I can't stamp any final date on it right now, but as it stands, I have a couple more songs to go in and figure out. And then I think we'll be done. I don't want to ever say, 'No, we're done,' and then some amazing song comes through."

Carrie said. "I'm brutal when it comes to my own songs, especially. I want the best stuff, whether I wrote it or not."

Carrie made headlines earlier this week when she performed her own version of the Wiz Khalifa song "See You Again" at a concert in Delaware, creating a mashup between that song and her own of the same name. The country star has been super busy, participating in the Big Barrel Country Music Festival and shooting ads for Almay while she's working hard on her album. As far as her go-to beauty looks? She told People Magazine it's all about the eyes.

"I like things that shimmer, I like things that sparkle. A little more eyeliner, a little more mascara. And just kind of zhuzh it a little bit...Have fun with it. Try something a friend told you about; try something that you saw in a magazine. Be creative!" Carrie Underwood said.

Photo courtesy Jimmy Fallon/The Tonight Show