Jason Derulo Debuts ‘Cheyenne’ Official Music Video On Vevo — Is That Zoe Kravitz? Adam Levine On New Album? [Video]

It’s hard to imagine Jason Derulo pining away for some woman, but that’s exactly what Derulo does in his new “Cheyenne” official music video that was just posted on Tuesday, June 30, to Jason’s YouTube account. The video named “Cheyenne” and the lyrics prove that Derulo — who’s been around the world and doesn’t speak the language but the booty of his latest paramour doesn’t need explaining — can fall in love and be the one dogged out for a change.

In the “Cheyenne” video, Jason pines away for a Zoe Kravitz look-a-like with long braids. (Is that Zoe herself?) The woman turns ghost-like as she disappears from Jason’s dinner table as he sings about her not being able to make dinner as he planned. Somewhere, ex-girlfriend Jordin Sparks — who was the only female to appear on Jason’s last album, reports Spin — must be watching “Cheyenne” closely for clues. Is “Cheyenne” about Sparks (less likely) or some other woman who must have broken Derulo’s heart after his “unhealthy” relationship with Sparks ended.

According to Derulo, Jordin was a virgin when they met — and there was plenty of arguing and pressures about marriage, not merely from Sparks but from the whole world. That’s why Jason says he wrote “Marry Me,” due to the pressure. It’s certainly different than the “Talk Dirty to Me” fare that Derulo’s more famous for singing. And now, with the broken doll-like dancers littering the “Cheyenne” video, and talk of broken hearts, one wonders how the public will receive this new video, which is already being compared to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” because of the dance routines and somewhat dark theme.

“Every heart that I held before I was sure to break it
All I ever wanted was some fun, Cheyenne
I never meant to fall in love, Cheyenne
I can’t stop thinking about you
Look what we started
You’re not what I expected”

Sounds like the “you know what to do with that big fat butt — wiggle wiggle wiggle” Mr. International man has discovered in a Boomerang sort of way that heartbreak can go both ways. And Jason is eloquently pouring that lesson into his music.

Replete with creepy all black eyes that take up the entire eye space on the Zoe look-a-like in the “Cheyenne” video, the same type worn by Kendrick Lamar during his SNL performance, as reported by the Inquisitr, “Cheyenne” is the talk of Twitter.

Derulo’s “Cheyenne” appears on the album Everything Is 4, along with the Adam Levine-sounding “Want To Want Me” and “Get Ugly,” which was produced by Wallpaper. “Pull Up” joins “Love Like That” (featuring K Michelle) and “
Painkiller” — which features the “All About That Bass” star Meghan Trainor. “Broke” brings in legendary Stevie Wonder and Keith Urban while “Try Me” doesn’t tap Dej Loaf but features “Booty” singer Jennifer Lopez and Matoma. Lastly, Derulo’s “Love Me Down” and “Trade Hearts” featuring Julia Michaels and “X2CU” round out Jason’s new playlist.

[Image via “Cheyenne”]