UFC Fighter Felice Herrig Attempts American Ninja Warrior – Did She Conquer Like The Elite Or Fail Like Many?

One of the most dominant female strawweight fighters in UFC, or any MMA promotion for that matter, is Felice Herrig. With almost six years of experience in MMA with a 10-6-0 record (along with a kickboxing record of 23-5-0 to compliment it), “Lil’ Bulldog” has fought some of the best in her division including Carla Esparza, Tecia Torres, and most recently, Paige VanZant. Summarized, Felice Herrig has done it all with the exception of winning a championship.

Now there are reports that Felice Herrig attempted to add “American ninja” to her already-incredible repertoire as an athlete by conquering American Ninja Warrior. The question is if she conquered like the elite or failed like so many.

Felice Herrig’s journey to become an American Ninja Warrior was first reported back in January 2015. According to a report by Fox Sports back then, Herrig would join John Dodson and Michelle Waterson, fellow MMA fighters who also tried to earn the title of American Ninja Warrior. Though both of them failed, there is no shame in it because the show’s obstacle courses are designed to be extremely difficult. As a matter of fact, nobody has ever beaten American Ninja Warrior until last year. Yusuke Morimoto was the first to accomplish the feat in a time of 5:58:91. Brian Arnold, however, beat it the fastest at 4:39:90. Also of note, no woman has ever made it.

Nevertheless, Felice Herrig was not deterred, staying motivated to earn the title of American Ninja Warrior. Herrig even expressed an easy demeanor going into the challenge as shown in her demo reel/video application, which is attached below.

Despite the fact the demo reel/video application did not show climbing (which is of the highest importance in American Ninja Warrior), there were still high hopes Felice Herrig would make deliver a worthy performance. Unfortunately for Herrig, her delivery would come up extremely short as she failed the first course in a little over three seconds, as reported by MMA Weekly.

If there is one positive with Felice Herrig failing American Ninja Warrior so quickly, it is her cheerful attitude. Not to mention, Herrig lasted longer than Michelle Waterson.

[Image via Felice Herrig’s Official Facebook Fan Page]