‘Dance Moms’ Teasers: Tempers Flare In ‘Abby Vs. Kira’ [Spoilers]

'Dance Moms' stars Kira and Kalani

A new episode of Dance Moms airs Tuesday night on Lifetime, and this one is going to be tense. Abby Lee Miller, the girls and their moms are all in Los Angeles now, but they are struggling a bit. One of the moms makes a move that she thinks will help the team, but Abby’s reaction leaves all of the moms taking a step back. What Dance Moms spoilers are available for the episode titled “Abby vs. Kira”?

TV Guide teases that after the two losses the team has had in Los Angeles, the moms want more classes for the girls. It seems that the moms get frustrated that Miller won’t accept any responsibility for the challenges they’re facing in these latest competitions, so Kira takes matters into her own hands.

Dance Moms spoilers indicate that Kira will arrange for teacher and choreographer Tessandra Chavez to come in to teach a class, but it seems that Abby isn’t consulted or given any kind of heads-up. As most would imagine, this does not go well. A sneak peek on the show’s Facebook page shows how this encounter goes, and it’s awkward to say the least.

Tessandra comes into the studio, and Abby indicates that she has no idea who Chavez is, despite the fact that Tessandra has worked with Miller before on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Abby is not pleased at all, and the moms are embarrassed by how things play out. Chavez doesn’t stick around for long, and Abby quickly checks out. However, there is a big fight between Abby and Kira before all is said and done.

Abby is putting a lot of pressure on the girls to step it up in the next competition, since their rankings in the last two competitions have not been top-notch. The girls are clearly feeling stressed about this, especially Maddie Ziegler, given all Abby says. Are the girls able to wow the judges at the competition in this episode?

According to the Dance Moms spoiler Wikia page, the Abby Lee Dance Company continues to struggle. The girls reportedly garner third place for the group dance, and Maddie gets third place for her contemporary solo. Nia Sioux Frazier gets a solo as well, and it seems she ends up in fourth place. Kendall Vertes’ solo takes fifth.

It seems that Abby and Kira’s battle will carry over into the competition venue, as well. Dance Moms spoilers have teased that there is an episode where Miller is thrown out of the competition by production. From the sounds of things, this may be the episode where that happens. In any case, viewers can definitely expect to see Abby and Kira going after one another quite a bit in this one.

There have been a lot of rumors swirling that Kalani has left the show. However, Kira has denied that to be the case, and at least for the rest of Season 5, the two ladies will remain on the show and with the ALDC. Season 6 of Dance Moms is said to be a go, and spoiler fans should get a solid feel soon for any changes that may be coming.

Will the fans side with Abby Lee Miller or Kira Girard in this next battle? Will the ALDC girls falter once again in the competition? Tune in to Dance Moms airing on Tuesday, June 30, to see what comes next.

[Image via Kira Girard’s Instagram]