‘Real Housewives’ Co-Stars At War! Lisa Vanderpump Reaches Her Limit With Brandi Glanville: ‘Stop Lying For Once’

Real Housewives co-stars Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville are at war on Twitter. After Glanville claimed Vanderpump was using her for publicity, Vanderpump shot back, slamming her for her constant lies.

On June 30, Vanderpump posted the following tweet:

After sharing her tweet, Vanderpump re-tweeted the following fan comment:

@LisaVanderpump @BrandiGlanville @EVOLUTIONMEDIA @Andy Yes! Andy already said that no housewife fires any other. Lisa is marvelous!

— Rose (@Peace_Rose70x7) June 30, 2015

Since news of Glanville’s full-time role being cut from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hit the web, there have been rumors of Vanderpump having her fired. The Real Housewives co-stars have been at odds since season four, and according to Glanville, Vanderpump likely had something to do with her role demotion. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Glanville spoke of the reports in her column for Australia’s NW Magazine. According to a report by AllAboutTRH, Glanville wouldn’t be surprised if Vanderpump was responsible for producer’s decision to remove her from her official housewife position.

“I haven’t heard about Housewives 100 percent, but they want me back in some capacity. There’s another big opportunity that’s come up that I’m considering so I’m having trouble making up my mind. These things aren’t set in stone, so it’s hard to say. As for Lisa Vanderpump telling bosses it’s her or me, I haven’t talked to her, but I can imagine that’s what she’s saying.”

The Real Housewives co-stars’ relationship, which started off well, took a turn for the worse during season four, when Glanville alleged Vanderpump had manipulated the cast, and encouraged her to confront Kyle Richards with rumors of her husband’s alleged cheating in Palm Springs, California.

Then, during season five, the Real Housewives co-stars’ relationship became strained further when Glanville jokingly slapped Vanderpump in the face while at dinner in Amsterdam.

Glanville confirmed she had been fired from her full-time role on the show on Twitter, but insisted producers want her back as a guest star for season six.

If Glanville does return as a guest star, her Real Housewives co-stars certainly have tons of drama in store.

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