Lizzie Rovsek On ‘RHOC’ Drama’: It Was Awesome That Vicki Declined The Invitation’

Lizzie Rovsek is only a friend of the housewives on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she has been present for most of the drama and fights thus far. Lizzie decided to film the show on a part-time basis because she may be focusing more on her business and possibly having a third child.

But Lizzie Rovsek knows Shannon Beador and the drama that could surround her. It was at Rovsek’s home that her co-star stormed out after hearing that Tamra Barney had been spreading stories. It sounds like she can’t handle it when things don’t go her way. However, Rovsek was happy that Vicki Gunvalson decided to decline Meghan King Edmonds’ invitation.

According to a new Bravo report, Lizzie Rovsek is now revealing that she personally had no reason to stay home from Meghan’s charity event. But Lizzie doesn’t understand why there was tension between her co-stars.

“Meghan really came on strong with Shannon and I wasn’t really sure why. I found it very disrespectful that Meghan assumed Shannon was uncharitable. I don’t believe that to be true in the least,” Lizzie Rovsek reveals, adding about the lack of invitation for Shannon, “So, was Shannon uninvited? Understand that I really like Meghan, however I just did not understand why she was being so mean to Shannon.”

Lizzie Rovsek may not be close to the original housewives due to her drama with Tamra Barney, but she gives props to Gunvalson for canceling on Meghan and going out for dinner with her co-star instead, who was clearly hurt by the way things went down.

“I think it was awesome that Vicki declined the invitation to the party and supported Shannon. I am friends with Shannon and Meghan and although I didn’t know Shannon would not be there, I had no reason not to attend. Meghan had been nothing but nice to me and I had been enjoying getting to know her and Jimmy. It was a beautiful event and Meghan was a lovely host,” Lizzie Rovsek reveals.

Even though Lizzie isn’t a full-time housewife, she was still scared to hang out with the ladies. According to the Inquisitr, Rovsek was nervous to see Tamra again after last year’s drama. During the reunion show, Lizzie was called all kinds of names, and she was trying to stay positive. But it sounds like Barney has grown up and can move on from last year’s drama.

What do you think of Lizzie Rovsek taking sides? Do you think Vicki did the right thing by canceling on Meghan?

[Image via Bravo]