‘Game Of Thrones’: Emilia Clarke Thinks [SPOILER] Might Return [Video]

Ever since the Season 5 finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones, the question on everyone’s lips has been, “Is he really dead?”

The cast and crew of the show have been fairly consolidated with their response. Fans, however, are also fairly united in their belief Jon Snow isn’t really dead at all.

“Jon dies. It’s final. He’s dead,” says the actor who plays Jon Snow, Kit Harrington, to Vulture after the Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones. He also added he was relieved not to have to sit on the secret any longer.

However, his wording in some interviews has been questionable. As Variety stated, Harrington has said, “I’ve been told I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m not coming back next season. So that’s all I can tell you, really.”

The devil is always in the detail. While Harrington admits Jon Snow is dead, that really isn’t such a big deal since we know people can be bought back from the dead so long as someone with magical powers is close at hand to resurrect Jon. But it is the wording “I’m not coming back next season” that is more telling. After all, Bran Stark appeared in the Season 4 finale of Game of Thrones and hasn’t been seen since. Could Harrington be under instruction from HBO to indicate he was really dead, yet have him return in Season 7? Only time will tell.

However, it seems Emilia Clarke is happy to break rank and admit that there is a “50/50” chance Jon Snow could return from the dead. It is purely her own speculation though as she knows she would be the last to be told anything that needs to be kept under wraps. “They know that I can’t lie very well,” she told MTV’s Josh Horowitz.

Emilia Clarke points out that while she may not have been told Jon Snow’s fate, there is someone close by that could rectify the situation.

“There are some helpful people there who could bring him on back to life.”

Does that mean Emilia Clarke thinks Melisandre returned to the Wall at just the right time to work her magic? It is a theory that many Game of Thrones fans are familiar with and confident in.

But Emilia is quick to point out, if Jon Snow were really dead and gone for good – never to return – it would put her character one step closer to claiming victory. “But if it means that I’m that much closer to getting to the throne, then, hey, okay,” she quips.

What do you think; is Jon Snow really dead or will he return? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

[Image credits: HBO and Getty Images / Jason Merritt ]