PreMadonna Flaunts Her Waist-Trainer Wealth In ‘New Money’ E! Show: I’m Worth $2 Million [Video]

PreMadonna is a name that is already well-known in the waist training arena. Crowds who follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram have seen how much the Kardashian Family promotes the waist trainers from the “Waist Gang Society” matriarch. As previously reported on the Inquisitr, PreMadonna’s waist trainers have already been featured on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta during a messy fashion show with Mimi Faust kicking up dust with her ex-boyfriend’s wife.

At that point, the $1 million “Waist Gang Society” business in the spotlight was pegged with only a “one” in front of the million-dollar earning business. In the above new video clip from the show New Money, as reported by E!, PreMadonna says her waist trainers have made her worth $2 million. The waist trainer guru goes on to explain her “upper echelon” house, as compared to her modest upbringing in Miami.

One wonders, however, how the “What’s A Waist” waist trainers, which can run $130 each, will shape up in the face of competition from waist trainers on Ali Express. Some of those waist training shapers run around $7 with shipping from the United States that’s only slightly above $3 — and $10 is a whole lot cheaper than paying $130 for a waist trainer.

Nevertheless, those who don’t know about Ali Express and are obsessed with Instagram posts from the likes of Khloe Kardashian professing their love for PreMadonna’s waist shapers may continue to buy — and as such the PreMadonna waist trainer maven will continue to keep folks entertained via reality TV.

“I am obsessed with my new waist shaper from @premadonna87!!!”

The premise of the new show certainly sounds interesting enough to keep viewers tuned in to PreMadonna’s wealth journey and those of others, like Frank Marino, who gained his wealth in Sin City.

The “New Money” star has made a lucrative living dressing up as female celebrities in Las Vegas. Hear Frank’s incredible rags-to-riches story!

However, for waist trainer fans, it’s likely that PreMadonna’s New Money wealth status and spending episode will be the one that’s passed around social media aplenty. After all, PreMadonna was buzzed about on Twitter for being the first one on the red carpet on Sunday for BET’s 2015 Awards.

From a luxe house to Chanel pillows, the “What’s A Waist” founder shows how she spends her wild wealth. See PreMadonnna’s extravagant style on “New Money.”

No matter the articles that proclaim waist training is a bad idea, as reported by Yahoo Health, the theories don’t seem to be slowing down waist trainer and shaper sales one bit.

[Image via PreMadonna]