Arden Cho Reveals New ‘Teen Wolf’ Villains

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Teen Wolf.

A recent sneak peek into the series premiere of Teen Wolf gave fans quite a bit to dread in the coming season with Lydia (Holland Roden) predicting that death would be coming to all of her friends. Now, Teen Wolf fans are worrying that they may not have their favorite characters around for very much longer.

Arden Cho, who plays Kira Yukimura on Teen Wolf, said that she received many shocked reactions from Teen Wolf fans through her social media accounts.

“I think I got a lot of ‘Noooooo!’ or like, ‘What happens to Kira? What happens to the pack?’ I love the way they chose to sort of open the season, because I think it’ll just make it really exciting as it sort of unravels throughout,” Arden said of the Teen Wolf teaser released by MTV.

As far as the intensity of Lydia’s first Season 5 appearance, Kira will be seen in a much more mellow introduction, giving Teen Wolf fans a chance to take it all in.

“I will say I love the way that we kind of come back into it for Kira,” Arden said. “For me, I thought it was kind of funny. It’s like romantic and funny at the same time — funny because of the way Stiles and Scott sort of handle it, but romantic for the way it actually turns out. That totally makes sense if you watch Episode 1…. I don’t want to spoil it, but… there’s a couple scenes, like one between Scott and Stiles that I love and one between Scott and Kira that I think is really, really cute.”

Romances and friendships aside, there is a new threat facing the characters of Teen Wolf, soon to be revealed as the Dread Doctors, and they will wreak a special kind of havoc on the people of Beacon Hills, according to Cho.

“We still don’t really know exactly who or what the Dread Doctors are and so that’s… I think, what we’re trying to figure out,” Arden said. “You’ve gotta know your enemy before you can defeat them. It’s hard to know when it’s something as unique and strange as a Dread Doctor. I mean, what is a Dread Doctor? We don’t really know, and I hope we find out in Season 5.”

Ms. Cho couldn’t be convinced to spill any plot details, which Arden says are very hush-hush, but she did reveal something about one of her own scenes with the Dread Doctors.

“I have a really, really creepy encounter, that’s for sure. I mean, I was very uncomfortable filming it, so I think when people see it, they’ll know what I was talking about,” Ms. Cho said. “They’re pretty creepy. There’s really nothing good about them.”

Teen Wolf airs Mondays on MTV.

[Featured image: Arden Cho courtesy of MTV/Teen Wolf]