Rumer Willis On Demi Moore: ‘My Mom Is The Cutest Human’

By now, Rumer Willis fans should know how much she adores her mom, Demi Moore, but that didn’t keep Rumer from sharing another picture of the seemingly immortal Ms. Moore with her Instagram followers. The picture, posted Sunday on the photo sharing site, followed a mother- daughter day of outings and bonding for Ms. Willis and Demi.

Moore and Willis spent a casual lunch, as can be seen in the picture of Demi in a black straw hat and matching tank top. Ms. Moore flashed a stunning smile just as Rumer snapped the picture.

Willis posted the photo along with the caption “My mom is the cutest human,” accompanied by a hashtag that echoes what many fans of Demi Moore must be thinking: “#beautyhasnoagelimit.”

Although Rumer and Demi haven’t always been as close as they have become, Willis’ experiences with Dancing With The Stars have helped her to bond with mom, Demi. Instagram users following Rumer often see her sharing pictures of herself and Ms. Moore, as Demi’s daughter gushes over her mom with adoration.

In fact, it wasn’t long ago that Rumer shared another picture in which Willis and Moore wore matching outfits and hairstyles, proving that daughter Rumer is much more like mother Demi than people realize.

Demi’s love for her daughter has been witnessed just in much the same way, especially during Rumer’s run on Dancing With The Stars, when Moore said of her daughter’s victories, “I’m thrilled!”

“I think that she worked hard and she earned it and I’m really out of words,” Ms. Moore said. “I’m just so happy for her, I really am. She’s amazing.”

Demi recalls first finding out that Rumer had pursued the Dancing With The Stars competition and, as any mother would, she worried for her daughter’s well-being. Demi was aware that Rumer’s self-esteem was fragile, when Ms. Willis first signed up to compete on Dancing With The Stars, so she was concerned that such a public competition might not be best for Rumer.

“There really wasn’t anything I could do to stop it,” Demi recalled. “Her self-esteem was nothing. I could only just keep loving her and loving her until she could love herself.”

Rumer cites her mom’s advice, as being the greatest inspiration for her continued success and her ability to build upon her self-esteem.

“My mom would sometimes see what was happening and her advice was, ‘Don’t let that infect you. People are going to have opinions. You don’t have to make them yours.'”

[Featured image: Demi Moore courtesy of Instagram/Rumer Willis]

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