‘Bachelorette’ Week 7 Teasers: Kaitlyn Bristowe Faces Emotional Guys In Ireland [Spoilers]

'The Bachelorette' star Kaitlyn Bristowe

A big episode of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season with Kaitlyn Bristowe is on the way Monday night. Kaitlyn and her guys are in Ireland, but some frisky times with bachelor Nick Viall has shaken things up quite a bit. What new Bachelorette spoilers are out for the June 29 episode?

As TV Guide teases, Kaitlyn and Ben Higgins will have an intense talk at one point of this Week 7 episode. Ben says that things have been great between them, but there’s something he needs to talk to her about. Kaitlyn clearly tenses up a bit, and Ben talks about noticing a different vibe he picked up after an incident prior to flying to Ireland.

Ben adds that while he doesn’t want to know the details, as he suspects that something happened that involved Shawn with Kaitlyn while he was showering at one point. Higgins says, though, that he wants some assurance that if he’s going to be around with Bristowe, he needs to know he’s not there just spinning his wheels. Little does Ben realize, of course, that Kaitlyn’s time with Shawn recently is only part of the reason he should be worried about his chances for that final rose.

Viewers will see more of Kaitlyn and Shawn Booth together in this episode, of course, as he’s been having his fair share of emotions to handle lately, as well. While Kaitlyn may manage to settle down Shawn’s nerves, it seems that Nick has some emotional moments ahead, as well. A Bachelorette spoiler preview from Entertainment Tonight shares the scoop.

Kaitlyn and Nick may have slept together in the June 22 episode, but that doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing going forward. In the Bachelorette spoiler clip, Nick cries as he talks about being confident when he’s with Kaitlyn, but he admits that he gets nervous about how he was overly confident last season with Andi Dorfman.

There’s a lot to pack into Monday’s episode, as there’s still a two-on-one date involving Kaitlyn and two of the guys. There’s also apparently an early farewell for one guy, and the first one-on-one date in the next location of Killarney, Ireland. However, it seems this one is with Chris Strandburg, and that it doesn’t end well.

Viewers will see some goodbyes with the dates and rose ceremony in Dublin in this episode, as well as a bit of the romance and drama set to take place in Killarney. Will Kaitlyn tell any of the guys the truth about how far things went with Nick? It seems the truth does come out at some point with at least one or two of the guys, but viewers will have to tune in to see how it all plays out.

Fans will definitely be left hanging again in Monday’s episode, though, as it seems that more of the Killarney dates and those eliminations will carry over into the July 6 episode. The overnight dates and final rose ceremony are right around the corner, and Reality Steve’s spoilers have teased which guys will still be standing. Does Kaitlyn Bristowe get her fairy tale ending this season on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season? Spoilers say she may, but it’s definitely going to be a bumpy ride to get there.

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