Let’s You Track Anything, Even The Location Of President Obama, Pope Francis is a new app that literally let’s users track anything in the world, even including the location of Pope Francis or President Barack Obama. It is even fully possible to use to try and track the bad guys of the Islamic State down (or you can just look for ISIS selfies). But what makes TrackTrack unique is not the tracking of people, but the other objects it can discover.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the TrackTrack locations for Pope Francis and Obama will merge this fall when the Catholic church’s leader visits the United States for the first time. founders Bobby and Jason are in the U.S. Navy, and they have traveled the world and seen many sights. Due to these travels, they created this new service since they love watching where something goes on the map. Bobby says a tracking code has already been created for President Obama, and people can update it with Obama sightings in addition to comments and photos.

“One of the coolest examples is the ability to see everywhere the U.S. President has been on a map,” Bobby told the Inquisitr. “Now, the President already has a TrackTrack code built for him, so you would simply type his name in as a sighting and log where he has been. As time goes on, the map of the world would fill with location markers showing all the places he has been. As other people see Obama, they could create a sighting as it happens and share their presidential experiences.”

While the U.S. Secret Service might shuffle nervously at the prospect of that particular TrackTrack code, Bobby points out that is about more than just tracking people.

“While we can track people, the cool thing about is that we can track anything from feelings, experiences, to people, and material stuff,” Bobby explains. “Jason and I have both used websites like,, and others, but felt limited in what we could track; how we could track. There was just something missing, and then – BAM! – was born. So we created a site where you can track anything from a physical object to a feeling and see it travel the world on our interactive map.”

Here is how works. Users create a code along with a basic description of what is being tracked. Users can then share this object on their Facebook wall or tweet about it on Twitter. When people see the object related to the code, they go to and report a sighting while also recording details about their experience. Users watch as their TrackTrack pins travel around the globe. While at first their personalized map begins to fill up, a particular object could travel from a user’s hometown to all over the world.

Bobby says the goal is to allow users to create TrackTrack codes for keeping track of all of life’s activities.

“We created a platform for you to track anything. Everything means money, books, people, places, monuments, sunrises, airplane seats, and tokens,” Bobby said. “Premium membership costs only a dollar a month, and it lets you build custom codes for personal private use. With Premium you can create private codes for just your family and friends. Want to track a trip across Europe? You can share the custom code with your family so that they can see where you have been on our map and the pictures that you took, too.”

In the end, the CEO says the new service is intended for those who love adventure. Now, these adventurers can share where they have been exactly, and what they were doing at the time, for anything. How does that sound to you?

[Image via The Roosevelts]