Amber Rose Does A Madonna To Show Marriage Equality Support

Amber Rose is famously feisty, and last night she showed the world that she was not afraid to make a bold statement to the world. Amber was attending the 2015 Black Entertainment Television [BET] awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles when she made a massive statement in support of same-sex marriage.

On Friday, June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage must be legally recognized in all 50 states. The decision was widely celebrated across the U.S. and elsewhere. At Glastonbury Festival in England, the decision was celebrated with huge cheers by music fans, but last night, Amber made her own statement in celebration and support of the landmark decision.

Amber attended the BET awards with friend and fellow model Blac Chyna. According to MTV, Amber and Blac were dressed in identical outfits. Both wore white trousers and blazers. Amber and Blac even wore matching lipstick, and they held hands as the walked the red carpet. The Daily Mail reported that Amber and Blac stopped and posed for photographers before engaging in a passionate kiss to show their support for the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Amber and Chyna later posted pictures on social media explaining that they attended the BET awards as each other’s dates “to celebrate marriage equality.” Both Amber and Chyna used the hashtag #LoveWins to show their approval.

Amber also posted to Instagram, saying “it’s truly amazing to think about all of the changes we’re able to see during our generation. When our children are grown they probably won’t even believe that once upon a time Gays and Lesbians were unable to get married.”

“It’s like how we feel about women not being able to vote or the fact that slavery actually happened here in America.”

Amber told Entertainment Tonight, “we decided to come together and celebrate the fact that in all 50 states gay marriage is legal, and we support the gay and lesbian community so much we decided to be each other’s date today.”

Amber and Blac’s kiss will remind many of a similar incident at the 2003 MTV awards, when Madonna kissed Britney Spears. At the time, Madonna and Britney created shockwaves, Amber much less so, as public displays of affection between same sex couples are much more readily acceptable than they were a decade ago.

Amber Rose may not have broken a social taboo nor broken new ground with her public kiss, but many will be grateful for her show of support for same-sex marriage. Do Inquisitr readers support Amber Rose and Blac Chyna’s gesture of support? Let us know what you think.

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