WWE News: Huge Update On Dolph Ziggler, Has Not Signed A WWE Contract

Along with WrestleMania 32 rumors and a surprise return from the Rock, Dolph Ziggler has centered around the WWE landscape in the past month. It wasn’t a pipebomb that was dropped, but his situation is something that led to the infamous promo from CM Punk. Dolph Ziggler’s contract is almost up. As of now, there won’t be a huge uprising from the former-World Heavyweight champion.

He won’t sit atop the ramp in Las Vegas, Nevada and talk about how Vince McMahon is running the WWE into the ground. Ziggler is doing what he is told and paying his dues. Perhaps he didn’t get the push he wanted, but Ziggler is still contemplating leaving the WWE.

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Dolph Ziggler reportedly signed a new WWE contract. While evidence was there to support it, Dolph Ziggler confirmed that it is false. Ziggler talked to Chad Dukes on his radio show, Chad Dukes Versus the World, and said he hasn’t signed a WWE contract.

“I’m thinking about it right now. I had a request for an upcoming contract that would end a few months from now, maybe two or three months from now, and they requested back what they would like, I countered another offer and we’re waiting to finalize some things. I love WWE and I can’t picture myself wrestling somewhere else but it’s also becoming now where that Wednesday and Thursday, I can’t just do that and get some outside live events for comedy and different movie and television options, which would only be to promote myself as a WWE superstar, to make myself a bigger star so I can advance more in WWE. So if I can’t find that happy medium, I might have to go away for a little bit. What I wanna do is make myself a bigger asset to WWE. If it involves leaving, that would crush me but it might.”

This is all coming after Dolph Ziggler noted that he should end his career with the company he started with. That isn’t criticism of any kind, but Ziggler and the WWE are synonymous with each other. Not many wrestlers begin with the WWE and end with it. If Ziggler were to accomplish that, he has a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame after he retires.

Where would Dolph Ziggler go if he leaves WWE? On the other hand, if he remains with the WWE, what will they do to compensate him? He was considered for the Money in the Bank briefcase, but WWE officials went with Sheamus. If they get a deal done, maybe Dolph Ziggler will get the push he deserves.

[Image via betweentheropes.com]