Jessie J Attacks Media Over Reports Of Poor Health

Jessie J has hit back at a series of false reports that suggested she could suffer another stroke.

The British singer, who suffered a stroke as a teenager, was the subject of a Daily Star Sunday report that suggested the star’s family and friends are worried her busy schedule could have detrimental effects on her health.

The article went further, suggesting J had been attending regular medical checks to prevent a stroke while she appeared on the UK’s The Voice. I’ve watched that show, and it made me feel ill.

Anyway, it turns out Miss J has had enough. The singer took to her Twitter page to deliver a rebuttal, conceding she has had health problems in the past, but saying she was currently “happy and healthy”:

“Can I be totally honest for a minute? I was in and out of hospital with real health scares my whole childhood. I have an irregular heartbeat I’ve had all my life I suffered a minor stroke at 18… Then I go on ‘The Voice UK’ stories are like boomerangs, the media tries to throw them away but just keep coming back. Lazy… It’s an easy believable but untrue way the media works. But I will say this. My health is a very important part of my life I don’t take lightly to the media making a joke about it. I have made huge sacrifices to making sure my body and mind can deal with my life I am happy, I am healthy I am trying to make the UK proud.”

So there you go, family, friends and fans of Jessie J: your heroine won’t be keeling over anytime soon.