Joe Johnson To The Memphis Grizzlies Heating Up, But Will It Work?

On the day Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson turned 34-years-old, the first thing he had to deal with were trade rumors. Apparently, the Nets are very interested in shipping Johnson to the Memphis Grizzlies, per ESPN. The hardest part of the pending transaction, though, would be getting all the financial numbers in order, as Joe is set to earn a whopping $24.9 million next season in the final year of a six-year, $123.7 million deal.

The Nets are looking to move Joe Johnson and are discussing a deal with the Grizzlies.

— Up To Date NBA (@UpToDateNBA) June 29, 2015

At the moment, it appears the deal of Johnson to the Western Conference powerhouse may have fallen through.

ESPN is also reporting that the Detroit Pistons and Charlotte Hornets (who have already been big players in the off-season) are interested in acquiring the former seven-time All-Star.

When Brooklyn lost four of six games to Johnson’s former team, the Atlanta Hawks, in the first round of this year’s NBA playoffs, Joe had a feeling the Nets would be looking to trade him, as the Inquisitr previously noted.

“I don’t think anyone is indispensable, and that includes me.

Something’s going to happen. I don’t know what. I don’t see us coming back as the same team. This is my third year here. I could see if we were getting better each year, but it’s kind of been the opposite. So to not even be a.500 ballclub in the East… it’s disheartening and I don’t know. I think everyone in that locker room is unsure of the future here. So we’ll see what happens going into the summer.”

Johnson made a name for himself in Phoenix when he, Steve Nash, Shawn Marion, and Amare Stoudemire were the talk of the Association. However, after a few failed runs in the playoffs, Joe eventually decided to sign with the Hawks.

In his career, Johnson has played for the Boston Celtics (where he was drafted tenth overall in 2001), Suns, Hawks, and Nets, while averaging 17.3 points and 4.2 assists per game over 16 seasons.

Here are some immediate reactions to the proposed trade.

Yooooo Joe Johnson to the Grizzlies gonna make them a mean squad

— Celo (@Versachelo) June 29, 2015

If the Nets can trade Joe Johnson for Jeff Green and Vince Carter, id cry. VINCE CARTER IS MY FAVORITE NET EVER

— Broke Lopez (@societykillgil) June 29, 2015

Are the Grizzlies the best fit for Johnson?

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