Guy’s last refuge of geek superiority gone

In the minds of most people and the media in general when you mention geeky gadgets the first image is of some lonely guy living in the basement of his parents with piles of discarded gadgets littering the floor. It has been the last bastion of male geek superiority but alas folks it is no more.

At least to a recent survey done by Forrester Research this is the case. They found after questioning more than 1,000 single males and more than 1,000 single females that the women were just as into gadgets as were the men.

Some of the findings are:

  • single women prefer laptops over desktops in contrast to men who preferred the desktops
  • 44% of all single women owned a game console of one type or another
  • 27% of surveyed women own a hand-held gaming device while only 29% of men do
  • 78% of women own a digital camera compared to 76% of men

The only area where men far surpassed the women was the reading of tech news. For men the number came out to around 40% while with women it was only 20%.


[hat tip to Planetary Gear / pic courtesy of Planetary Gear]

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