Paris Hilton Prank: Heiress Tricked Into Thinking Plane Was Going To Crash, Prank Goes Viral [Video]

Paris Hilton was the victim of a terrible prank that has gone viral online. According to Us Weekly, the heiress was on a plane with a group of people (all actors) when she smelled something strange. Soon after, an alarm sounded, and the plane took a plunge. Screaming, Hilton was completely terrified.

“Is this normal? What is happening?!” Hilton cries. A man opens a side door of the plane, grabs a passenger, and jumps out.

“I don’t wanna jump! I’m not jumping!” Paris Hilton can be heard yelling.

According to PopSugar, Paris Hilton soon learned that she was set up as part of a prank on “Ramez Wakel el-Gaw,” an Egyptian TV show that does this sort of thing to unsuspecting people on a regular basis. What’s more terrifying than being on a plane that’s about to crash?

Well, Hilton’s plane made a safe landing, she met the show’s host, Ramez Galal, and the video has since gone viral, watched by thousands of people all over the world.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there has been some concern about the authenticity of this video, and whether or not Paris was in on the prank herself, but judging by a recent tweet, she was scared for her life — for real.

Scariest moment of my life. I really believed the plane was going to crash & we were all going to die.

— Paris Hilton (@ParisHilton) June 28, 2015

[Photo by Charles Coates / Getty Images]