'Fear The Walking Dead' Premiere Date Announced At Comic-Con 2015? Plus, New Teaser Promo

As the premiere date for AMC's newest zombie drama, Fear the Walking Dead, quickly approaches, producers are starting to ramp up the intensity level when it comes to teaser trailers. In fact, the series recently released another short clip that does just that.

The video featured two of its main characters driving around, looking at missing child posters, while a zombie-like creature walked through a graveyard. Although the graveyard figure might be a glimpse at how the zombies will look in the new series, the clip is too short to tell if it is zombie or just a normal, albeit slow, person walking.

Fear is a companion series to AMC's other hit zombie show, The Walking Dead. While The Walking Dead follows Rick Grimes and company as they attempt to stay alive on the east coast of the U.S., the new series will focus on an entirely different group of individuals on the west coast.

Additionally, the new series is set during the initial outbreak of the zombie apocalypse. It covers the time period when the outbreak first occurred, which takes place while Rick is in a coma. While more plot details have yet to be released, the show might delve into what exactly caused the zombie outbreak in the first place.

Fear stars Kim Dickens as Madison, Cliff Curtis as Travis, Ruben Blades as Daniel, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia, Frank Dillane as Nick, Elizabeth Rodriguez as Liza, Lorenzo James Henrie as Chris, and Mercedes Mason as Ofelia.

Meanwhile, as both shows head to San Diego for Comic-Con, many fans are still wondering when the series will premiere. Although the trailers reveal that the show will air in August, a specific date has not been announced by AMC.

With the show making its first run at Comic-Con many are speculating that perhaps a more specific release date will be revealed at the event. According to Undead Walking, most of the filming for the show's first season has already been finished, so an announcement at Comic-Con is likely.

Furthermore, Comic-Con is the perfect stage for such an announcement because of the popularity of the event, and the amount of fans that are likely to be on hand. While we wait for the news to break, fans can at least rest assured knowing that Fear the Walking Dead will premiere sometime in August.

Check out the new teaser below.


[Image Courtesy: AMC]