‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Teasers: Family Reunions, Proclamations And Deals Ahead [Spoilers]

Rome Flynn joins 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

There are big things ahead this week on The Bold and the Beautiful. A family member returns to town after a long absence and is ready to shake things up, while existing relationships hit new obstacles. What Bold and Beautiful spoilers are available for the episodes airing during the week of June 29?

Ivy is still fighting for Liam, and She Knows Soaps shares that John has some words to share with her on that topic on Monday’s episode. Will all she’s done to strengthen her hold on Liam pay off, or is she going to ultimately lose him to Steffy after all?

Bold and Beautiful spoilers have teased that there will be a new face in the mix of things this summer, and viewers will get their first glimpse at the upcoming action on Monday’s show. Zende Forrester Dominguez, the adopted son of Kristen Forrester and Tony Dominguez, shows up, and he is anxious to score a Forrester Creations internship.

However, Nicole also has an eye on an internship, too, and this could send the two colliding. As many have already guessed, the romantic sparks may fly for Zende and Nicole this summer, which will make things complicated on the professional front. In addition, some on the canvas are very excited to see Zende in town, while others are hoping to keep his Forrester ties a secret.

Maya and Caroline will have a tense discussion with one another on Tuesday’s show, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that they may manage to reach an understanding with one another. In addition, a close moment between Steffy and Liam is seen by Aly, and she has a strong reaction to what she happens to see.

As the week continues, Bold and Beautiful spoilers, via Celeb Dirty Laundry, indicate that Liam will confess that the challenges with Ivy have led him to realize how important Steffy is to him. Previews seem to tease that Liam will profess that he wants to be with Steffy, and later in the week, Ivy will seemingly assert that she’s not going to lose her dignity over fighting for any man.

While Liam may be torn over Ivy and Steffy, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Wyatt is still in the mix of things and may share a confession that shakes things up a bit in Ivy’s favor. During Thursday’s episode, viewers will see Liam and Ivy make a decision that affects their relationship, while Steffy and Ridge have big news to share.

Friday’s episode will focus on the Fourth of July festivities. There’s sure to be fireworks popping up in more ways than one, fans can feel confident about that. In addition, Maya’s mom will arrive in town, and she’s looking for Nicole. From the sounds of things, Maya’s father isn’t far behind.

Just what happens between Caroline and Maya, and what does it mean for the men in their lives? Which lady will Liam choose, or could he end up alone after all of his back-and-forth? Fans can’t wait to find out, and it plays out weekdays on CBS on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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