Did ‘The Bachelor’ Star Chris Soules Break His Engagement To Whitney Bischoff For His ‘DWTS’ Partner Witney Carson?

Chris Soules isn’t doing a good job at hiding his relationship with Witney Carson. The Dancing With The Stars partners have a few scheduled appearances together this summer, which is somewhat out of the ordinary, and an inside source is reporting that Carson might be texting heart emojis to Soules.

According to PageSix, an insider overheard Soules at a New York restaurant say that he had received a text from Whitney. The text contained a photograph and a heart emojis, but it isn’t known exactly who sent him the message.

News of a possible relationship between Soules and Carson is nothing new for The Bachelor star. Rumors that Soules was cheating on fiancée Whitney Bischoff surfaced during Season 20 of the hit dancing competition. Shortly afterwards, Soules was spotted getting a little too close with his dancing partner during an after party. All of this eventually led to a breakup with Bischoff, who moved back to Chicago.

Following the breakup, Chris Soules sat down with Dan Patrick and Buddy TV and discussed his relationship with his former fiancée.

“I mean it was a relationship. She’s a great person and she’ll be a friend for the rest of my life and I’ll always care about her… Just didn’t work out. It was two people that were mature and went into a weird situation, came out, tried to make it work.”

Soules went on to say that they both tried to make it work, but things are different outside of the limelight. “We tried to make it work. We tried to figure things out in the real world,” he explained.”It’s much different in the real world than it is on TV, you know, on a TV show. You kind of get the opportunity to, you know, actually experience real life together.”

Soules added that, while the show didn’t make him propose, it did influence him to make that decision.

“They don’t pressure you to do it [get engaged]. I think the whole experience itself lends itself to like making you feel like you want to go through with that. And of course at the end there’s the final rose and, you know, it’s a really weird experience and it’s hard to explain unless you’ve been through it.”

Meanwhile, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Carson wants to keep her relationship with Soules under the radar. This is mainly due to her ties with producers at ABC, who might not be thrilled that she is the reason Chris Soules broke up with Bischoff.

[Image Courtesy: ABC]