Clinton Correctional Facility: Over-The-Wall Transfer Of Possible Contraband Has Public Concerned [Video]

The Clinton Correctional Facility has been in the news a lot lately since convicted murders Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped from prison a few weeks ago. It was during one news report, however, that this prison was put on the map for another reason. According to NPR, some folks tuning in to a Fox News broadcast noticed something peculiar going on in the background — something quite alarming.

A man appears to walk across the street to the prison wall, attach a bag of some sort to a hanging rope or wire, and send that something over the wall, and onto the prison grounds. It is unknown who the man in the video is, or what he may have passed over the wall.

“There’s a person in the background with a red bag, walking across the street in the background. The newscaster’s reporting, and they walk over to the prison wall… Somebody lowers a rope, and pulls the bag up, so you can see the bag going up the wall there, OK, right on TV,” says the man who filmed his television broadcast.

The Clinton Correctional Facility hasn’t made a public comment on this video, but some outraged corrections officers decided to post a defense on social media. They say that this is something that happens to benefit them, and that is doesn’t threaten security at the prison.

“The video also sparked an angry response on social media from corrections officers and their families. They say that using ropes to hoist lunches, carry-out food, and other supplies to guards working long shifts in the tower is a long-standing tradition at Clinton-Dannemora. A tradition that they say doesn’t threaten security.”

Most people would undoubtedly disagree.

According to HNGN, the video of this sketchy activity has gone viral. Perhaps this is something that the New York Department of Corrections will address at a later time. For now, they are all pleased that their two prison escapees have been stopped.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Richard Matt was shot and killed by police last week. Over the weekend, police located David Sweat. They shot him as well, but he is still alive. Additional charges are expected to be filed against him in the coming days. So far, two Clinton Correctional Facility workers have been charged in aiding these two men in their prison escape. People in the area are relieved to know that these murderers are no longer on the loose.

[Photo by Andrew Burton / Getty Images]

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