Ken Shamrock Says UFC Commentator Joe Rogan ‘Could Have Ruined My Career’ With Fixed Fight Comments

It’s been nearly two weeks since Bellator 138: Shamrock vs. Kimbo took place, and the fight itself is still making headlines because some people are calling the finish of the fight into question, saying that Ken Shamrock got knocked out on purpose. One of those people is podcast host, stand-up comedian, and UFC color-commentator Joe Rogan, who said on his podcast — The Joe Rogan Experience— that the fight between Shamrock and Kimbo “looked fake.”

Rogan’s point-of-view isn’t an original one, but due to his large following and his vast knowledge of the sport, it certainly carries more weight than others’ who share the same view, and it seems that Ken Shamrock is well aware of that, as he told Submission Radio that Rogan’s comments could potentially ruin his life, and career.

“You have the peoples’ ear. You have a responsibility to make sure that whatever you say, you can back up. Not just say it because you think it. You ruin peoples’ lives on something he has no proof. He’s wrong, what he said. He could have ruined my career and my life. What he’s saying? There’s no proof to it.”

Shamrock followed that up by swearing that his fight with Kimbo Slice wasn’t fixed. He’s also confused as to why people are saying that it was, because, before the fight, everybody was saying that he was too old, and that he can’t compete. Yet, when he lost, those same people were saying that there was no way that he should have lost that fight, and that he must have taken a dive.

“I swear on everything that I love, my family, my God, that fight was not fixed. A lot of these people saying the fight was fixed said I should have never been in the ring. ‘I’m 51, too old. I can’t compete at that age.’ Now they’re saying there’s no way I could have lost. I’m really confused. One minute I can’t fight, the next thing, I can’t lose. Make up your mind.”

To be fair, not everyone is saying that the fight was fixed, and some people are just taking it at face-value, saying that it was just a fight between a guy [Kimbo Slice] who’s 41 years-old with arthritic knees, and isn’t a very good mixed-martial-artist, and a guy [Ken Shamrock] who’s 51-years-old, and hasn’t defeated anyone of note in twenty years.

Since his loss to Kimbo, Shamrock has said that he’s not planning on retiring, and that he wants a rematch. Shamrock is also interested in fighting longtime rivals such as Tito Ortiz, Royce Gracie, and even his brother, Frank Shamrock, who retired in 2009 after he was knocked out by Nick Diaz.

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