Joyce Giraud Says Brandi Glanville’s ‘RHOBH’ Downfall Karma Would Return For Lisa Vanderpump

Joyce Giraud believes that Brandi Glanville has finally received some bad karma for all the bad that she has done. On Sunday, Joyce made clear that she thinks that Brandi’s alienation from much of the cast and subsequent departure from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is well-deserved.

A fan told Joyce that people made excuses for Brandi’s behavior towards her on season 4, but now they all agree that Brandi’s awful, proving that she was right all along.

Joyce responded that the truth always comes out and that karma has done its job.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brandi, who last week announced that she was leaving the show, clarified a few days later that she was not offered a starring role for season 6 but was offered a reduced role, which she declined.

On season 4, Joyce did not receive a warm and friendly welcome from Brandi, who feuded with her right away. During a pool party, Brandi joked that Joyce must be black because she can’t swim. Brandi also repeatedly called Joyce the wrong name, seemingly on purpose, and said that Joyce sounds like the name of a big fat pig.

Earlier on season 4, Lisa Vanderpump was still friends with Brandi Glanville. Lisa stood by as Brandi insulted Joyce Giraud and at certain times even defended Brandi. Lisa seemed to acknowledge that she was wrong about Brandi all along by tweeting that she’s guilty. Yet it’s not clear whether Lisa meant that she’s guilty of making excuses for Brandi or guilty of sitting back and letting karma take care of it.

Joyce also talked about returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She, along with Carlton Gebbia, were dropped from the show after only one season. Joyce said that she would return to the show only if Lisa, with whom she’s very good friends with now, needed backup.

In January, 2014, as reported by All About The Real Housewives, Joyce Giraud claimed during a radio show interview that Brandi Glanville and Yolanda Foster conspired to make Lisa Vanderpump look bad. Joyce talked about the time when she offered to fix Lisa’s hair and Lisa declined. According to Joyce, Brandi, who at the time was supposedly still friends with Lisa, told her that Lisa’s reaction was very rude and dismissive. Joyce said that she told Brandi to not bring the issue up on air but then Brandi told Yolanda about it. Yolanda then brought up the issue when the cameras were rolling.

“So then, she calls Yolanda (Foster), and she (Brandi) tells Yolanda to bring it up on camera. And we are at a lunch on camera, taping, and Yolanda brings it up, and it took her THREE attempts to get it out of my mouth, ’cause I just did not wanna talk about it. And I was like ‘Why are you doing this? It was silly, why are you doing this?’ And she was like, ‘Okay guys, CUT! Why don’t you (Joyce) wanna talk about it? Lisa was rude you need to talk about it.'”

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