Emilia Clarke And Arnold Schwarzenegger Discuss The Nudity In 'Terminator Genisys'

For Emilia Clarke, who has come from a television show such as HBO's Game Of Thrones -- the very show that was the reason the term "sexposition" was coined -- you would think nudity was as natural as breathing. In her upcoming movie, Terminator Genisys, alongside the franchise veteran, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke discusses the nudity involved in her upcoming movie.

"Naked in a harness was fun – doing stunts, that was good," she told a press conference in L.A. in the lead up to the release of Terminator Genisys. The harness involved, wasn't in relation to a sex scene for Emilia Clarke, but for a time-hopping scene. Clarke, who will take on the iconic Sarah Connor role originally played by Linda Hamilton, appears opposite an equally naked Jai Courtney as they hop through time and appear in the buff on a crowded freeway.

But if you think Arnold Schwarzenegger would offer any sympathy towards Emilia Clarke and her co-star Jai Courtney, you have another thing coming.

"[Nude scenes] are embarrassing, but fun. It leads to funny conversations and funny dialogue and great humor and everything like that. It's inevitable, you have to do it because it's what the movie shows, and there are certain times you can cover things up, and there are certain times you don't and you can't. So what? I don't think there's anyone here that has anything to hide."
However, even though Emilia Clarke performed the scene nude -- or mostly nude -- with creative camerawork, not a lot of nudity actually shows up on the big screen. Which was fine by Clarke as she admitted to having "a few things [she] tried to hide."

Emilia Clarke did have a member of the crew that sympathized every time a nude scene was required.

"We had a wonderful AD named Phil Patterson who would always get half-naked whenever there was a nude scene. [Emilia Clarke would] wander around looking beautiful and then there was Phil, not looking quite good. A team player," Terminator Genisys director Alan Taylor told the conference.

While many fans thought Emilia Clarke may not know the back story involving her character, Sarah Connor, in Terminator Genisys, Clarke says differently, explaining in a recent Inquisitr article that she was "aware" of the back story.

Terminator Genisys opens in theaters on July 1, 2015.

Will you be going to see Terminator Genisys because you've seen all the others, or because you are a fan of Emilia Clarke? Let us know by commenting below.

[Image credit: Getty Images / Kevin Winter]