Nicki Minaj Leaves Twitter: With Fans Like These? – Or Drama For Sales?

Departing Twitter is always painful. Just ask Ashton Kutcher. His account is still active, but it’s just a promo feed now. But back to Minaj. The controversial rapper deleted her account on Sunday, after a testy back-and-forth on Twitter with fan site Minaj claims the site leaked snippets of her relaunched album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”. After apparently blocking her cyber adversary, Minaj announced she would be deleting her Twitter account. Then, promptly did.

The slightly faux aspect of all this is that NickiDaily weren’t the only ones posting vignettes of Minaj’s album online. So was this fan site – who, incidentally, have also “gone dark” online – conveniently “used” by Minaj for a little timely publicity, or is this an authentic artistic dispute?

In 30 days time the answer to that will be clear, as Nicki Minaj has exactly this length of time to either reinstate her account, or make her Twitter exit permanent.


Nicki Minaj in happier times