Shania Twain Talks Losing Husband To Her Best Friend: ‘I Thought I Would Never Sing Again’

Shania Twain says losing her now ex-husband, Mutt Lange, to her best friend, Marie-Anne Thiebaud, in 2008 left her without a voice. The country music singer felt at the time she would never sing again.

Twain, who is currently on a farewell tour, tells the New York Post that Lange’s affair with her best friend left her reeling.

“When that happened, I thought, ‘Forget it, this is more than I can handle — I’m never going to sing again.’ I had to grieve through it.”

In the aftermath of the affair, Shania Twain developed dysphonia, a psychological syndrome that caused her to lose her voice for years, reports the New York Daily News.

In an ironic twist, Twain not only recovered from Lange’s affair, but also went on to fall in love with Marie-Anne Thiebaud’s ex-husband, Federic. The country music star says her marriage to Thiebaud was not out of revenge because happiness is too important to her and she just followed her own path, which led to her marrying Federic in 2011.

Although Twain maintains a civil relationship with her ex because of the couple’s son, Eja, 13, she has no relationship with her former best friend.

“I don’t see her, ever. I don’t invite that trigger into my life. She’s not my future. She’s my past.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Shania Twain, during a guest appearance on Watch What Happens Live earlier this year, said if she ever ran into Marie-Anne Thiebaud, she’d tell her “I wish I’d never met you,” but also admitted she does not regret her ex’s affair.

“I think there are just some people in life you would say, ‘I would wish I hadn’t met this person or I would have been better off not ever knowing that person.’ But I can’t say I would be better off because I think I learned a lot from all of that. I don’t regret it.”

Shania Twain tells New York Daily News that she channeled the experience of losing her ex-husband to her former best friend and other tragedies in her life, such as childhood abuse and the loss of both of her parents in a fatal car accident, into recordings that have yet to be released. The country star describes the songs as “raw, exposed and very telling emotionally.”

“Everyone who hears them keeps telling me they sound haunting. I must be haunted.”

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