October 19, 2016
TNA News: Kurt Angle Has Tumor In His Neck, Will He Take Time Off?

At the latest TNA Impact Wrestling television tapings, Olympic gold medal winner Kurt Angle announced to the live audience that he has a tumor in his neck and will be taking time off, according toWrestlingInc.

Angle, 46, has been on one of his more memorable runs in TNA after re-signing with the company last year. He just recently lost the TNA World Heavyweight championship at another set of Impact Wrestling taping's to Ethan Carter III, which will air next week.

Carter ended up playing a large role in Angle's announcement.

According to the report, Carter came out and took credit for giving Angle that tumor. He proceeded to attack Angle until he was saved by Chris Melendez. Prior to all of that, Angle reportedly claimed that he will get his rematch against Carter for the championship but made it sound like it would be a while before he did.

There was speculation about Angle's announcement as many were questioning if it was real or just a tragic part of the storyline. But not only is it not part of the storyline, Angle has known about it for a while. According to PWInsider (via WhatCulture), Angle has reportedly known about the tumor for over a year.

But Angle continued to perform with the tumor during that time. He will now have surgery to remove it, as it has been causing him a lot of pain recently and leading to muscle atrophy.

This news has to feel like taking a lead pipe to ribs for TNA, as the company has been dealing with many issues as of late. Losing arguably their biggest name to a condition of this nature cannot feel good.

Among those issues is the company's struggle to pay their employees. Recent reports mention that several people within TNA continue to be stifled on their pay, either receiving it late or not receive it all.

Secondly, several big names have either left or will be leaving the company soon. Two names on the lower end of the totem pole, Samuel Shaw and Gunner, were released last week. Low-Ki announced his departure via Twitter earlier this week. James Storm and Magnus are on their way out after Sunday's Slammiversary event. And Austin Aries is reportedly on his way out after months of speculation about his contractual status with TNA.

As far as Angle is concerned, there is currently no timetable set for his return, but he is out indefinitely.

[Image via ImpactWrestling.com]