Gay Texas Comic Book Store Owners Post Amazing ‘Closed – Come Back Later’ Sign Ahead Of Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Dallas comic book fans looking to buy the latest issue of their favorite series would have been annoyed to find that Red Pegasus was closed on Friday. However a nifty note left by the comic book store’s owners not only would have helped to explain why it was closed, but it would also have instantly made them smile too.

That’s because 38-year-old Kenneth Denson and 33-year-old Gabriel Mendez closed the store so that they could wait and see if they were allowed to get married. You can read their terrific note below.

And it turned out that Denson and Mendez were allowed to get married on Friday because of the historic ruling from the Supreme Court. Which is exactly what they did in Dallas, Texas, almost immediately after the decision was announced. In fact, they were two of the first to do so. You can see an image of the pair queueing as they wait to exchange their vows below.

On Friday afternoon the pair finally wed, and they subsequently shared an image of their marriage certificate.

And then, just a few moments later, the pair returned to the store to open it back up while also showcasing their love for each other.

Denson and Mendez were actually married in California two years ago. But they told the Associated Press, via ITV, that there was one simple reason why they felt the need to have a second service.

“We’re Texans,” Denson declared. “We want to get married in Texas.”

[Image via Twitter]