‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Taylor Schilling Claims She And Her Family ‘Don’t Talk’ About Her Sex Scenes

Taylor Schilling has some of the steamiest lesbian sex scenes out there with her Orange Is the New Black costar Laura Prepon, but what does her family think about those scenes?

The star of the upcoming independent comedy The Overnight opened up to People about what her family thinks about Piper and her actions.

“We don’t ever talk about that. It’s just not something that’s ever brought up. It’s funny, we just kind of don’t acknowledge it. My family is awesome, though. They’ve grown with Piper [Chapman, my character]. I talked to my aunt the other day, and she said, ‘You’re so strong now!'”

Although her family does not talk about her sex scenes on Orange Is the New Black, they can sometimes lead to injury. In a recent appearance on Late Night, Taylor Schilling told Seth Meyers that she accidently cut herself during an intense sex scene on Season 3 of the hit prison drama.

“I hurt myself,” Schilling stated in the interview. “I got very excited, I took my shirt off and I scratched myself with my little name tag.” She went on to state that “There was a gash on my face – there was blood.”

The actress further revealed that filming had to be halted for an hour while dealt with the minor cut. “We had to take an hour long pause because there was blood,” she stated, adding that “A lot of people are watching, and it’s hard enough when the lights are off and you’re by yourself in your room.”

The specifics on which scene she was filming when the injury occurred are unknown, according to IB Times, it is a safe bet that her intense library encounter with Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) is probably where she was injured.

The scene in question occurred during the second episode of Season 3, which featured a pretty intense meetup between the two women. The scene marked the first time the two hashed out their differences after Alex learned that Piper’s actions got her thrown back in prison. The argument between them led to a makeup session that featured some fairly rough sex.

Speaking of sex scenes, Orange Is the New Black is known for featuring quite a bit of them in seasons past. However, most of the time the scenes are placed in the show in order to further expand the story line and are rarely meaningless. With that in mind, Schilling told People magazine just how much sex plays a part in the series.

“I’ve needed some hand holding,” she admitted.”But what it always comes back to – and why I think those conversations are so valuable – is that we get to the truth of the scene and there’s never anything gratuitous on this show.”

Fans can watch all they want of the new season of Orange Is the New Black, which is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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