Sadly Jamie Foxx Apologizes To Miley Cyrus On Leno

A virtual attempt to lynch Jamie Foxx over his Miley Cyrus jokes has unfortunately resulted if Foxx having to grovel for forgiveness on Leno.

“I so apologize … and this is sincere,” Foxx said. “I am a comedian, and you guys know that whatever I say, I don’t mean any of it. And sometimes, as comedians, as we do, we go a little bit too far. I have a radio show… We’re really the black Howard Stern. We go at everybody. There was a situation with Miley Cyrus, and I just want to say, I apologize for what I said. I didn’t mean it maliciously. You know I’m a comedian. You know my heart. Miley, I apologize, so I’ll call you. I got a daughter too, so I completely understand.”

The general outrage over Foxx’s comments seems to have centered on the fact that Miley wasn’t fair game because she’s “only 16.” So apparently it’s wrong for Foxx to joke about Miley, but it’s ok for Miley to mock Asians (and then give an insincere apology for doing so), act like a prima dona over Radiohead (including threatening to ruin their careers) and to insult fans of Lewis Carroll and Disney movies by saying that Alice in Wonderland is all about drugs, because she’s “only 16.”

18 can’t come quickly enough for Miley, then hopefully it will be open season.