Nicole Bass: Former WWE Wrestler And Howard Stern Regular Arrested For Shoplifting

Nicole Bass was arrested Tuesday night in Queens, New York, on the charges of petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. Bass allegedly stole over $1,200 of merchandise, over 160 items, from a Stop & Shop in the Queens suburb of Glendale.

Employees of the Stop & Shop told police that the former wrestler had a shopping cart full of food and beauty products. Bass then took the full shopping cart and walked right out the door to her vehicle. Queens prosecutors have elected to not pursue charges against Nicole providing that she stays out of trouble for six months and reports to mandatory counseling for shoplifting.

This is not the first time Nicole Bass has had trouble with the law. In 2005, Bass was involved in a domestic violence case with her now-deceased husband, Robert Fuchs, and she was arrested in 2000 for allegedly biting a police officer in Little Italy.

Nicole Bass was asked for a comment by the New York Post on Wednesday, but she stayed pretty quiet. Bass did react to one question though. A question was asked to her about how much food can be purchased for $1,236. Bass laughed and said “a lot.” Even though Bass would not really comment on her arrest, a neighbor did give a statement about Nicole’s shoplifting.

“I know she’s a little down on her luck right now. It’s just not like her, it’s not. It’s really too bad. I hope she gets everything straightened out.”

Nicole started a bodybuilding career in the 80s which lasted into the 90s. In 1997, Nicole Bass won the NPC National Bodybuilding Championship. She was able to parlay her bodybuilding career into a new venture in the world of pro wrestling. Her first job in pro wrestling came in 1998 at the hands of Paul Heyman and Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Nicole Bass was a wrestler for the WWE from 1999 to 2003. Standing at six-feet, two inches tall and weighing 230 pounds, Bass debuted at WrestleMania XV as the bodyguard for Sable. Bass left the WWE in 2003 after she filed a lawsuit claiming that she was sexually assaulted by Steve Lombardi, The Brooklyn Brawler. The case was ultimately dismissed. After leaving the WWE, Bass took wrestling bookings on the independent circuit and became a regular on the Howard Stern Show.

On the Howard Stern Show, Nicole Bass is part of a group known as the “Wack Pack.” Stern’s “Wack Pack” is a group of individuals with strange characteristics or traits. Members include Beetlejuice, Jeff the Drunk, Medicated Pete, and Mick the Nerd. On a recent show with Howard Stern, Bass complained that she was essentially broke. Stern decided he would help Bass by setting her up in a very short stripping career.

[Image via Brigitte Stelzer]