June 25, 2015
'Fear The Walking Dead' Teaser Video: Always Trust The Authorities When There Is A Zombie Apocalypse

Well, with San Diego Comic Con and the premiere date for AMC's Fear The Walking Dead fast approaching, it seems we have a glut of teaser videos appearing. Well, not so much a glut, but two videos at least. And considering information on the new Walking Dead companion show, Fear The Walking Dead, has been scant since its official announcement, two teaser videos within the same week is actually something of a wealth of information.

The new Fear The Walking Dead video is another short but sweet look into the initial outbreak. We find guidance counselor and main character, Madison (played by Kim Dickens) counselling a student who, at first glance -- to a professional such as Madison anyway -- appears a little paranoid, a little convinced the end times are coming and the government is hiding something. In a nutshell, your typical high school conspiracy theorist teen. But to Walking Dead fans, we know he is the person everyone should have listened to.

AMC's Fear The Walking Dead school counselor trailer video

"Reports in five states, they don't know if it's a virus, or, or, a microbe. They don't know but it's spreading... people are killing," the student tells Madison.

Madison reinforces to the student the fact that the authorities would tell everyone if there was something to worry about. She also tells him he "needs to spend less time online," reinforcing the fact people should always place their blind trust in the authorities. Already Walking Dead fans can assume from this conversation that the outbreak in Fear The Walking Dead initially spread because either the government kept quiet about the outbreak, hoping to contain it, or they told people too late to make a difference with containment.

As yet, IMDb has not listed the actor who plays the student in this new Fear The Walking Dead teaser video, but, we all know what happens to the person no one believes in a horror movie, don't we?

Last week we also saw another zombie-free promo video for Fear The Walking Dead. In that clip, we saw Nick (played by Frank Dillane) running for his life from something unknown. Whether it was a zombie or a drug deal gone wrong, Walking Dead fans will have to wait until August to find out.

AMC's Fear The Walking Dead will premiere in August, 2015.

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[Image credit: AMC screen capture]