Venezuelan TV Presenter Still Strips, Despite Venezuela’s Copa America Exit

Even though Venezuela have now been kicked out of the Copa America after their 2-1 defeat to Brazil, a Venezuelan television presenter decided to carry on the tradition of stripping to celebrate their performances in the tournament by shedding her clothes.

Karen Aguillar, who works for Desnunado La Noticia, stripped to help commiserate the national side after they exited the tournament. You can check out a very NSFW video of her antics by clicking onto this page.

Venezuela had an impressive start to the 2015 Copa America after they beat Colombia. This provoked another presenter for Desnunado La Noticia to strip in celebration, a promise that 8 television presenters for the station had previously made.

However, Venezuela were unable to maintain this form. Because after losing to Peru in their next Group C encounter, they then followed this up by tasting defeat in their final match against Brazil, too.

This would have obviously left the national side and its players downhearted. However, the exploits of Desnunado La Noticia have clearly been orchestrated to try and lift the spirits of the team after their disappointing string of results.

Venezuela’s defeat also means that the team of ten presenters from Desnunado La Noticia will not be completing the public naked stripping that they’d promised if the national side had progressed to the knockout stages of the tournament.

But those of you who are disheartened by Venezuela’s lack of progress, which subsequently has kept the above gals clothed, can take solace in the fact that another of the presenters for Desnunado La Noticia is currently trying to predict Copa America results with the help of her breasts.

And she’s been doing very well, too, because she has — so far — made five correct guesses from eight predictions.

[Image via Desnunando La Noticia]