Piermario Morosini Dies On The Pitch After Cardiac Arrest

Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini died today during a Serie B match at Pescara. Morosini, 25, suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch during the match and could not be revived.

Edoardo De Blasio, a cardiologist at Pescara’s Santo Spirito hospital, said that the young soccer player was dead upon arrival at the hospital. Blasio said:

“Unfortunately he was already dead when he arrived at hospital. He didn’t regain consciousness.”

The Washington Post reports that Morosini collapsed during the 31st minute. The medical team rushed out onto the field and used a defibrillator on the player. Morosini was taken off the field on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital.

Pescara’s general manager, Danilo Iannascoli, told Sky Italia that Morosini was conscience when he was placed into the ambulance.

“He looked at me in the eyes when he was taken into the ambulance… We are living through a drama.”

The ambulance was reportedly delayed by a vacant police car. The Post reports that the medical workers had to break a window in order to move the vehicle before bringing the ambulance onto the pitch.

Morosini is the second player in the last month to suffer a heart attack on the field. Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba suffered cardiac arrest during a game last month in England. Muamba is currently in intensive care.

All Italian matches have been cancelled for the weekend.