The Social Media Prism

I don’t know what it is with social media consultants and graphs. Brian Solis has come out with his Conversation Prism, and although it’s pretty and all, it looks like a frisby, and really doesn’t serve much purpose other than to dazzle people in Powerpoint presentations. Australian social media guru Ross Dawson, a really clever guy who I have a lot of time for, uses a similar graph every time he speaks (link) and even when I’ve been at the front of the room, I’ve yet to successfully be able to read the thing once from the audience. The more complicated the graph, the more knowledge of the subject you imply in having perhaps.

It may just be the flu that kept me bed ridden yesterday talking, but I’ve decided the world needs yet another graph, which I’m calling the “social media prism.” This graph explains the entirety of social media very simply and clearly utilizing my always beyond excellent photoshop skills. Megan Gale represents hot, sexy startups, Dr Evil represents large companies, Fred Wilson VCs, and of course you are represented by a bunny. For those that need explanation:

You feed startups and big companies, and they give something back. VC’s control startups. Large companies acquire startups or provide services to them. Startups can fail.

Feel free to use this at your next speaking gig :-)