Barbie Makeup Transformation: Learn Barbie’s Makeup Secrets In This 90 Second Video

Barbie makeup may previously have only been the forte of professional human Barbie dolls, but makeup artist and YouTube sensation Kandee Johnson has brought Barbie makeup into the amateur realm with her latest makeup transformation video.

As E Online! reported, Kandee achieves her Barbie makeup transformation with nothing more than regular makeup items, and finishes the look with colored contact lenses and a blonde wig. She starts by using highlighting and contouring techniques to transform the appearance of her bone structure and accentuate her cheekbones, finishing the look of her cheeks with a bright pink blush. She then uses white eyeliner to make her eyes appear even larger, and accentuates her eyes into the classic Barbie makeup style with regular liquid black eyeliner and eyeshadow. The look is finished off with Barbie’s iconic baby pink lipstick.

Of course, this ninety second video makes the process of applying Barbie makeup look so much simpler than it actually would be, especially since the makeup artist is a seasoned professional with obvious talents in achieving an almost-impossible book using nothing but regular makeup.

So, to make the process easier and to assist viewers to replicate the Barbie makeup look for themselves, in addition to the ninety second sped-up Barbie makeup transformation video, Kandee Johnson has also put out a full-length thirteen minute version which takes viewers through the precise steps and combination of makeup products that she uses to achieve her Barbie makeup look. After all, the ninety second video is certainly impressive, but good luck to the person who wants to replicate the look by following this video alone.

Kandee Johnson was recently featured in People, with her Barbie makeup tutorial video sparking a new wave of interest in her impressive makeup skills.

Even Perez Hilton only had nice things to say about the Barbie makeup transformation video.

“Supremely talented makeup artist Kandee Johnson transforms herself into the iconic doll using nothing more than makeup, blue contact lenses, and a blonde wig — you will be dazzled by the final result!”

He even had some advice for real-life human Barbies who undergo multiple surgeries in an attempt to achieve the Barbie makeup look.

“Somebody show this to Human Barbie so she knows you don’t always need surgery to look like a doll!”

With nearly 3 million fans already subscribed to her YouTube channel and over half a million fans on her Facebook page, Kandee Johnson’s Barbie makeup video is catapulting her towards stardom.

And in response to negative comments that she receives in response to her Barbie make-up transformation video, the makeup artist continues to remain positive and upbeat.

“I guess some people don’t know how to enjoy some fun moments in creativity with makeup!”

[Photo: Kandee Johnson / YouTube]

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