'Dance Moms' Tidbits: 'West Coast Strikes Back' Brings New Battle Against California Rival [Spoilers]

Tuesday night's episode of Dance Moms is titled "West Coast Strikes Back," and there's another competition ahead. Abby Lee Miller is aiming to control the West Coast now that she's got her crew in Los Angeles, but there's a lot of stiff competition standing in her way. What Dance Moms spoilers are available for this June 23 episode?

According to TV Guide, the Abby Lee Dance Company is once again battling against the Murrieta Dance Project gals. Viewers watched as Mackenzie had a great competition last week, and it seems that Abby is rewarding this win and newfound confidence with a significant opportunity.

While Mackenzie is given a chance to shine in this next competition with a solo, Dance Moms spoilers indicate that JoJo's family will be anxious to see her get a chance to stand out, as well. JoJo's grandmother will be visiting Los Angeles, and it seems the family will be pressuring Abby to throw some love their way.

The preview via Lifetime shows that Mackenzie is definitely riding high after beating Maddie in the last competition. The other gals may not be quite so thrilled with how the results played out, but everybody has to band together to beat MDP. The moms, and Abby, are all determined to conquer MDP after losing to them in the last match-up, but can they pull it off?

The Dance Moms spoilers from the show's Wikia page detail that Abby will be resistant to giving JoJo a solo in this next competition, because she wants to ensure the ALDC puts their very best foot forward against the MDP. However, it seems she does give JoJo's grandmother a chance to see her girl shine, as Siwa does get a solo.

Do the ALDC girls beat the MDP girls this time around? Unfortunately, it looks like they don't. Dance Moms spoilers indicate that the ALDC group dance, titled "Voices in My Head," takes second place, while the MDP piece takes first place. Kendall gets to do a solo titled "Illusions," and she earns second place. The MDP soloist, Talia Seitel, manages to snag first place. JoJo's solo is titled "Fate Is All I Need," and it seems she does not place this time around.

Abby Lee Miller and her families are doing their best to take Los Angeles by storm, but they're seemingly struggling a bit. However, the ALDC girls aren't giving up, and there's plenty more to come yet this season. Tune in to Dance Moms on Tuesday, June 23, to see just how things play out with "West Coast Strikes Back" throughout the latest round of performances.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]